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Clutch for iPad Reviews The MAC Observer
“…the Clutch is perhaps the most innovative…”
“While there are a multitude of iPad cases designed to be held single-handedly, the Clutch is perhaps the most innovative, with its integrated cable and charger storage a boon to iPad users on the go.” Jim Tanous, Writer, the MAC Observer

Clutch for iPad Reviews Gaming Tech and Apple
Kickstarter Project of the Week
“I have to say the Clutch is simply amazing. The idea is so incredible and simple.” Philip Singh, Editor

Clutch for iPad Reviews PC World
The Clutch Looks Like More Than Just Another iPad Case
“Let’s face it: This is a world that’s packed to capacity with iPad cases. Do we really need one more? If you’ve seen the Clutch by DC Mobile Design, you might be willing to say “yes”… If, therefore, you’d like to get your hands on a Clutch of your own it might not be a bad idea to open your wallet.

With it, you can comfortably hold an iPad in portrait or landscape orientation while on the move without getting your greasy meathooks all over the screen. Once you put your iPad down, the adjustable handle props it up at an angle (how much of an angle is up to you) and comfortably view or type away.” Corey Tamas, Editor

Clutch for iPad Reviews Geek Beat TV
We’re interested in the Clutch
“I’ve already asked some of our bloggers to spread the word about the Clutch. Please let us know when you go into production!”

Nick Pluim, Editor

Clutch for iPad Reviews Tablet Legal Lawyer Review
Clutch: New iPad Case/Handle for Lawyers
“The Clutch combines a sturdy thermoplastic elastomer case with an polycarbonate ergonomic handle. The case rotates freely around the handle but will not rotate accidentally. Multiple anchor points on the case also allow the Clutch to serve as a stand in a multitude of portrait and landscape positions. The handle doubles as a carrying case for your headphones, power cable or other small peripherals. In my time using the Clutch, I found it comfortable to hold and use.”
Josh Barrett, Editor

Clutch for iPad Reviews Fuse Industrial Design
“The Clutch is ergonomically superior!”
Toren Orzek, Industrial Designer