Clutch for iPad Features

Clutch for iPad Features

Clutch for iPad enhances your productivity and user experience with your iPad.

Clutch for iPad’s rotating handle allows you to easily hold the iPad with one hand securely and easily share the iPad display with others.

Clutch for iPad is designed to enhance your experience and increase productivity to maximize iPad computing by eliminating ergonomic challenges and helps make the iPad conform to you.

  • Secure Grip while using or handing off to others
  • iPad User Fatigue is reduced
  • Versatile Stand
  • Storage for iPad components

It’s a Handle

Clutch for iPad Handle

The Clutch for iPad is shaped to allow you to hold the iPad in a natural hand position.

The Clutch rotates 360 degrees allowing adjustment for perfect viewing orientation.

Because your hand is not locked in with a strap, you can easily and safely share or hand-off the iPad to others or simply set it down on a flat surface for viewing or typing.

  • Balances the weight of the iPad when placed in the center position
  • Adjust your grip, extend your fingers or simply balance the iPad in your palm
  • Increases the amount of time you can comfortably hold the iPad

Secure Grip

Clutch for iPad Secure Grip

Rotating Grip
Conforms to You

Clutch for iPad Rotating Handle

It’s an
Ergonomic Handle

Clutch for iPad Ergonomic Handle

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